Cultural Function

The Cultural Function at iGeo 2014 was held after dinner on the evening of August 15th. As usual, the evening  included an individual presentation by each team.

Each team (students only) was requested to prepare an oral presentation /performance titled:

The unique symbol of my country/region (only 1.5 minutes per team).

The speech/performance should have been focused on one aspect of the country/region’s culture, for example: traditional clothes; cuisine; traditional customs; music.

The speech / performance should have included two elements:

-       a presentation of the chosen symbol of their country/region’s cultural heritage (so teams were requested to bring this to Kraków (a tool, a piece of clothing, an instrument, etc.).
-       an explanation of their choice and a description of it, its unique character, and its influence on the heritage of the country/region.


After the presentations, students had an opportunity to taste Polish regional cuisine as well as to enjoy performance of a folk group.

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