iGeo2014 Medals Awarded!


12 gold, 24 silver and 36 bronze medals were awarded to the participants during the closing ceremonies of the iGeo2014 which took place on 18th August. The individual winner was James Mullen from the United States of America – the best young geographer of year 2014.


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Day 4 – Fieldwork Excercise in the Błonia and Jordana Park area

In the morning of Day, the students faced the fieldwork excercise in the Błonia and Jordana Park area, followed by a test at the Pedagogical University. To see pictures, please visit the gallery.

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Day 3 – Excursion to the Pieniny Mountains

On Day 3 of the iGeo2014, the participants took a whole-day trip to the Pieniny Mountains. That was a very adventurous day, thanks to the activities planned as well as the weather conditions… For photos of rafting and
cycling along Dunajec River in the rain, visit the gallery .

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Day 2 – Written response test and Kraków Market Square Excursions

In the morning of Day 2 of iGeo2014 the students took the 3-hour written response test. After lunch, they visited the Old Town Market Square and the Underground Museum, which was followed by an introductory lecture to fieldwork in the evening. For photos, please check the gallery.

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iGeo2014 officially opened!

The 11th International Geography Olympiad opening ceremony took place yesterday. The ceremony which was attended by 36 teams participating in iGeo2014 included addresses i.a. from the Deputy Minister of National Education, Mr Tadeusz Sławecki and the Vice Mayor of the city of Kraków, Ms Magdalena Sroka. After the official part of the event, a rock band Subline gave their concert. Please see the gallery for the images of the event.

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